The Havening Institute of Canada introduces to Canada an extraordinary application of recently acquired knowledge in the field of neuroscience. The Havening Techniques® are based on neurobiology that offers a healthier, more fulfilling productive life, a strong potentiality without the impediments resulting from the consequences of stressful life events and encoded trauma. The Havening Techniques® have three distinct specific applications: one is for emotional disturbances and encoded psychological trauma; the second is for resiliency, stress management, wellness, and peak performance; and the third application is as a self-help tool.

Researched and developed over the last three decades by Drs. Ronald and Steven Ruden of NYC, the Havening Techniques® are comprised of methods that use electrochemical networks of our bodies to create healing by neurobiologically de-linking events that have caused distress. For more than 14 of those years Dr. Ron Ruden has focused on researching, clinically testing and evolving a set of effective techniques that can help stress-related disorders, trauma and other amygdala-based challenges. Havening is an efficacious and gentle modality with the potential to relieve stress and trauma-encoded disorders such as phobias, anxiety, panic, PTSD, C-PTSD, pathological emotions, and other such blocks to a life of well-being, including the challenges of everyday life stressors.

As a psychosensory treatment using the sensory input of touch as a key part of its effectiveness, Havening is an integrative psychotherapy approach compatible with contemporary and traditional therapeutic paradigms. Reports of Havening successes from practitioners around the world are powerfully compelling and research continues to reveal new and hopeful applications. 

These complementary Havening Techniques® may transform your practise and your own life in remarkable ways. Therapists, practitioners, physicians, mental health professionals, coaches, and others in the compassion industry are documenting unprecedented healing outcomes. Tens of thousands continue to benefit from the ongoing havening research, adding new and exciting successes.

JOIN the hundreds of practitioners around the world who have discovered “miracles” with their clients and patients. Meet certified Havening Trainer and Practitioner, Ronn Young, president and CEO of Havening Institute of Canada and Young & Associates, and work one-on-one with qualified facilitators for training that may well be the start of an empowering and equipping next chapter of your healing practise and your life.